Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Poor Sad Quilt

This Poor Sad Quilt came to me as a work in progress. I bought a bundle at an estate sale that included the four blocks and the blue border, along with all the rest of the fabric in strips and scraps. Upon closer look, the bundle had not been stored well and there were water marks and some discoloration on some of the prints.  Most noticeably, the yellow and blue prints in the bottom two blocks have some brown stains.

So, the question became, should I finish the quilt and take the leap of faith that the stain would come out in the wash, or just cut my losses (one dollar, including the batting!)and put the whole thing in the Goodwill pile. 

I decided to take the leap and finish the quilt as an opportunity to practice FMQ .  I added the two outer borders to make the top bigger, which meant that I had to use up just about all the remaining fabric to price the back. I kind of like doing that, though.  It keeps the scrap bins from filling too fast!

I used a small spool of yellow Aurifil thread for the quilting. Most of the quilting, anyway. I ran out halfway through the red border!  

I am awaiting delivery of a 2200 meter spool to finish the quilting and then I will bind it with the blue print.  I was surprised that the small spool didn't go further. I did not quilt very densely and it is not a large quilt. I guess the small spools are meant for a color change in a small area! 

I tried a different motif on the red border, kind of a loopy daisy. I think it adds interest without adding too much quilting stiffness.  And the daisies are kind of an echo of the print.

My thread order should be here by tomorrow, so my goal is to finish quilting it and have the binding on by the end of the weekend!

Then we will see if my leap was a good idea...


Zany Quilter said...

I like the daisies....your FMQ is really getting good!! I think after all that work the stain will definitely come out...the quilting gods are on your side!!

Esther said...

Lovely project! I hope the stains come out in the wash! I am crossing my fingers.

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Susan Owenby said...

Cool! If the stains come out or not, that is a really neat find. Good for you for finishing it up. I like lots!

Curly Anna Quilts said...

Even if the stains don't come out, it's a nice quilt with great FMQing. Nice work! Happy Quilting! Anna

Renee said...

You turned it into a very nice quilt, what a save! I am in the same boat--waiting for more Aurifil thread. I burned through a large spool in 4 days and am now waiting on a cone so I can finish the border on my current project. Hope your thread arrives soon!

Danih03 said...

Not fun waiting for thread when you are in the middle of a project. I think you did the right thing by saving it! It just needed a little love;)