Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Trip Back to the '70's

One of the fun places within walking distance of the KCMQG retreat headquarters was an antique mall. It was not huge, probably a hardware store or small department store in generations past. Big enough to have a few interesting things, though. 

Of course, I always look for vintage linens and sewing items and there is always at least one quilt top to evaluate for possible adoption. 

This time was no different.  There were several tops of various skill and artistry. One, however, stood out amongst all the rest!

Behold the epic polyester double knit "Trip Around the World"!

This quilt top is amazing! (and to spare you the suspense, it did not come home with me!)  I wish I had a helper to hold it for the photo, because it was gigantic. You can see in the way the hangar is strained that it weighs a ton!  

I have seen many polyester quilts over the years and lived with several, as my mother went through the classic 'polyester double knit pant suit phase' which generated many squares of leftover textured, striped and solid, indestructible PDK.  
There was even a PDK crazy quilt on exhibit at QuiltCon from the collection of Roderick Kiracofe, author and artist.

The Trip Around the World is the best PDK quilt I have ever seen. If anyone ever buys and finishes this quilt, I hope they label it because it could be around for 600 years, even without archival treatment!


Sharon M said...

I have never seen a PDK quilt. Maybe I haven't been quilting long enough.

Iron Needles said...

Haha! Scanning all those family photos today, I saw Mom in some her poly dk. Remember how she bought those uber expensive Vogue patterns to make up the stuff?