Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finished - The Batik Quilt!

I finished the batik quilt!

 Lots of firsts with this quilt. Besides the ones that I mentioned here, I also used a 40 wt variegated thread for quilting and I sewed a hanging sleeve on with the binding. 

I quilted wavy lines along the diagonal 'stripes' , the lighter stripes more densely than the darker stripes.  I also quilted a smaller scale of the same thing in the little squares. 

I need to hand stitch the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve to the back, but I  am still calling it a finish.  

The next quilt in line for finish is this ABC quilt that I started before we went on vacation in March. I had the blocks put together and sewed them together at retreat last month. 
I have never heard of quoits!
Very sweet vintage images!

After a photo of the completed top was posted in our guild Facebook page another member 'Crafty Tammie' offered me a panel of "Recess" if I wanted it for the back.  I traded some Denyse Schmidt fabric for it, since she is hosting a DS swap and I thought it might come in handy. (and, so I wouldn't have to report it as an addition to my stash!)
I assembled the back today.

And I think I like it better than the front!
I am debating using it for a top, and backing it and the ABC quilt with solids.  If I use them both as quilt tops, then I would have two to donate. 

What do you think?  Can it stand on its own as a quilt, or do I use if for the back?


Sharon said...

I think it will work great as the backing. I also made a quilt using that Punctuation fabric. Still one of my favorites!

Iron Needles said...

Our niece will love the batik, and I love the ABC quilt. (I bet I could beat you at quoits...or not...). Anyway I know it is due for the charity stack, but I love it.