Friday, February 5, 2010

Vintage Mags

I was browsing through a box of Ms A's vintage needlework mags and this photo caught my eye!
Hey! I know that pattern! Set a bit differently here, it has a completely different look!

This photo is from the 1979 Better Homes and Gardens Needlework and Craft magazine. Star quilt patterns are hardly unusual, but I thought it was a coincidence that this particular pattern swam through my consciousness twice in the same week!

I also came across a 'new' embroidery motif. (New as in, "one I haven't seen a dozen times at antique malls or estate sales!")

This is a pattern from a 1947-48 "McCall Needlework" magazine, listed under "towels in tune with the times". Two years after the formation of the United Nations, these patterns suggest 'vegetable delegates' to assist at your dish-drying conference.

I think the 'Chinese Cabbage' is kind of cute, but I don't think these patterns really caught on.

Maybe politics and embroidery, don't mix!


Allie said...

Amazing how different that quilt looks in different colors! Those embroideries are kind of creepy, lol - usually I love that vintage but some of them can be kind of "out there", lol!

Iron Needles said...

Politics and veggies not mixing, I am thinking!

Love the quilt and the different take on it.

Martha said...

This is the set of the quilt I'm making -- much more common than your vintage quilt (a set I had never seen before) but both very pretty.

You're right -- I don't often see political embroidery, but a lot of old quilts are politically inspired. I do like that pipe smoking Irish potato.

Kate said...

Oh, how funny! Towels in tune with the times -- I'd love to show off a set of these in my kitchen. :)

Lynne said...

I started a quilt similar to that once upon a time in the 70's! I was hand stitching each star. I kept the finished stars for a long time but I think I finally tossed them when we moved to NJ. I looked downstairs for them yesterday when I read your post and was going to pass them along to you being that they would now be considered "vintage" goods. I didn't find them. :(

Love the Mexicorn guy!