Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Power of Wool

I love wool. Some people don't. The Mister, for instance cannot sleep under wool (which I discovered after I found the most wonderful, like new, king sized, Hudson Bay blanket at an estate sale for $60...) I can rarely pass by a wool blanket in a thrift store, even the ones that are not perfect. And generally, they are priced pretty low, especially here, in the desert!

Lately, I have been finding commemorative wool throws.

Like this one...

...from the Anaheim Memorial Hospital.

It appears to be pretty new (certainly 'like new') and I haven't found any moth damage. I have a similar red one that commemorates a contractor's association meeting in the early '90s, also a mustard colored one that celebrates a factory safety milestone at Proctor and Gamble. And and many, many plaid ones.

Of course, since wool blankets are pretty sturdy, and don't really get 'used up, I have an abundance.

Lately, I have had a synergy of thought regarding felted wool. Dearest Sister sent me lovely felted wool slippers that I have been wearing everyday. And some weeks ago, Paula -The Quilter - posted here about re-cycling felted sweaters into mittens. I was mulling around trying my hand at felting a blanket and stitching up some slippers. I have a couple of blankets that were already felted from washing improperly when I got them, so I was thinking that I could use one of those for trial and error.

Yesterday, I came across this pattern in a 1979 Better Homes and Garden Needlework magazine:

It is made from an army blanket (not felted), which are bigger than my throws, but I think I could combine a couple of throws to make it work. The instructions were in the back of the magazine, including a pattern on a grid to enlarge.

I won't be starting any new projects for awhile - too many things on the calendar that require my attention, just now. But, now I won't have to feel guilty the next time I can't pass up a bargain wool blanket. Cause, you know, I'm going to make stuff with them...


Iron Needles said...

You are doomed. You are letting a 1979 magazine enable you.

Just wait til you here what I found last night!!!

Gaynell said...

That coat brings to mind the one Mom made for you from the quilt.
(don't let DSis "doom" you..I know better!)

Allie said...

That is one nice coat - go for it!

Wunx~ said...

Ooh, Hudson Bay blanket, king size, $60! I'd have jumped on that like a duck on a junebug. I like the coat too.

Lynne said...

I love the look of that coat. What a great idea to turn a blanket into a coat! Once again, I do so wish I had sewing skills!

Martha said...

I was going to say the same thing Gaynell said -- it does look a bit like the quilted coat. Your mom would be proud of you for making a cute coat out a an old blanket.

My mom made beautiful braided wool rugs, so we were always on the lookout for used garments or blankets -- anything that was 100% wool.

Rebecca said...

Hi, I have old wool blanket, 'cause I lived up North once apon a time. . . & I love that pattern. Should I assume that it was the Winter edition of BH&G? I want to find that pattern!!!