Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Beautiful Bargains

As we have been sorting through things over the past several weeks, I came across this quilt that I found on a trip to Prescott, AZ a couple of years ago. It was in one of the many antique stores off the historic and quaint town square. I think if I had to choose a place in the southwest to live, it would be Prescott. It is just high enough in elevation to have four seasons and a really lovely town.

When we got home, this quilt was put away and I really hadn't thought much about it, until we started sorting through things in the past couple of weeks. It is a good sized quilt, shown here on a queen sized bed, and it is hand pieced and hand quilted.

And it was sold to me for $50, as a 'cutter' quilt!

I love the color combinations in the blocks and the color pattern in the block placement. (The jade greens look grey in the photo, but in person, they are lovely!)

The reds are very bright! I love red and white in quilts!

I think that I have some reproduction fabric that is almost identical to the star point fabric in this block.

The back is a bright green and may have been a sheet. It has that wonderful smoothness of vintage cotton sheets. The bright red binding is also in good condition.

What makes it a cutter?

This block. This red print has not held up over time.
And in this pink block, the fabric of the star, is very faded.

Admittedly, the lightest colors in the center are not as bright as the rest of the quilt, but truly, these are the only two blocks that are not in what I consider good condition. I am thinking that I might try to repair the red block, at least. I have lots of red and white fabric, so I think I can find a good 'fit'. I am not sure about the pink one.

This quilt may not be an heirloom quilt, but it has lots of mileage still in it!

On another topic -

This is my Harry and David, after Christmas clearance, amaryllis!

Also, a beautiful bargain!


paula, the quilter said...

What a lovely quilt! I would not do anything to the faded block as long as the fabric itself is intact. The red block can be fixed very easily by hand applique. You will need some white chiffon. Cut it to the star shape and applique it right over the old one. The chiffon is very delicate so this would not be a usable bed quilt. OTOH, if you were lucky enough to find more of the red or something similar to it, you could applique same shaped patches over the old. Don't remove the quilting on this section. Just quilt over it. Just MHO.

Iron Needles said...

You always find the best stuff.

And I was glad to find your post this morning. Being an odd numbered day and all. I was sort of panicky for a bit, being a bit unprepared.


Allie said...

Wow - that's not a cutter quilt! Yes, do see if you can repair it. Oh, and I have some repro fabric very similar to that~
LOVELY flower.

Kate said...

Hey Flower Girl! Happy to see your Amaryllis is brightly blooming. That quilt is really something. And, what a screaming deal.

Martha said...

Wow -- I love that quilt. I am making a top with the same six-point star, but a different set -- now I wish I had seen this top earlier because I'm sure I would have copied it. I love the way the quilter organized the colors around the center and the use of the solid colored diamond pieces. If you need any vintage pink fabric for repairs, just let me know.