Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Facts and New Skills

Yesterday, I learned a couple of things.

First, over my morning coffee and feeding the kitties, I was reading the comics in the newspaper (we used to call them 'the funnies' - one of those terms that just looks strange when you write it...) Two different comic strips used a word that I did not know, and that I couldn't figure out by the context.


You probably knew it. It means werewolf. I know it now, after I looked it up.

Usually, the only words in the newspaper that I don't know are in the the New York Times crossword. I can usually do the puzzle up through Wednesday and sometimes Thursday. But Saturday? I am lucky to get one or two! ( I quickly scanned the rest of the funnies to see if it was lycanthropy day and I just hadn't gotten the memo!)

The other thing that that I learned was that speed skater Shani Davis was the inspiration for the design of Frozone, in Disney's "The Incredibles!" I love that movie! Holly Hunter has been one of my favorite actresses, ever since I first saw her in "Raising Arizona". And I never miss an opportunity to listen to Sarah Vowell. Now, when I look at Shani on TV, I see Frozone!

And I am furthering my rudimentary knitting skills!

I found this skein of Brown Sheep Company wool in a bag of assorted yarn at the thrift store. Black is a bit challenging, when trying to correct mistakes, but I have only had to take out two rows, so, not too bad! I think I have another skein of cream colored Brown Sheep wool, that I may use for the accent color.

I lightened up the photos a bit to show the progress a little better. After I master the art of increasing and decreasing (where the pattern calls for it, and not just 'hey, I have more/less stitches than I started with') I may do a more complex garment next! The book has patterns for a full wardrobe!


Martha said...

I made lots of slippers just like those when I was learning to knit -- everyone got slippers for Christmas that year.

I think there's a Lycanthropy Day every month, but February's is not until the 28th.

Is the wardrobe in your book human or Barbie? I love the green sheath & matching hat with the orange shawl.

Gaynell said...

Barbies clothes are quite a challenge to sew...but maybe the knitting would not include those Tiny, tiny seams! Keep us posted!

Allie said...

I would've had to look up that word too - what is it with werewolves lately? I thought vampires were all the rage. I can't keep up.

How cool that Shani was the model for Frozone - I love that movie!

Your knitting looks GREAT. I'm afraid mine increases and decreases at will - not MY will, however. I tried a scarf one time and it was hopeless. But you're doing good!

Iron Needles said...

I am excited you are knitting.

Barbie clothes are a challenge and she never sends a thank you note.

Kate said...

Lycanthropy means werewolf -- learn something new every day. Is Iron the inspiration for the knitting? You are 2 pretty talented sistahs.