Monday, February 15, 2010

Romper Room Stories - Illustrated!

I am pleased to report that I accomplished the shebang preparations that were on the list for this past weekend. A good thing, since I only have two weekend days left to prepare.

While I was tidying and cleaning, I came across a paperback book, titled "Read-Aloud Romper Room Stories". I am thinking that it came to me through one of the usual avenues - estate auction, garage sale, etc and it is not in great shape. Many of the pages are loose, but that made it easier to share some of the illustrations! The title page was missing, so I do not know if the illustrator was credited, but the pictures are very charming.

I think that there are many stitching projects amongst them!

I love these trees! From 'The Evergreens', a fable of why the evergreens get to keep their needles through the winter.
This little bug is from "The Green Grass" (grew all around). It was just a tiny illustration at the bottom of the page.
This is Froggy Gone A'courting.
This is from The Brave Little Steam Shovel. Love the fins on the cars!
This illustrated "A Funny Story".

I scanned about thirty of the illustrations. I will add them to my Flikr stream in the next day or two as I get them cleaned up. There are some cuties!


Gaynell said...

Boy, I can sure see some embroidery projects...those are delightful illustrations.

Kate said...

Too cute! That Froggie is quite the handsome suitor! :)

Allie said...

So cute!! Yes, they'd make GREAT embroidery projects. I remember watching a show called Romper Room on tv as a kid!

Martha said...

Cute book, and I love those cars -- they were so distinctive back then, although we never owned a car with cool fins. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the scans.

Iron Needles said...

Frog and Mouse...wonder what the kids will look like?

Tish said...

I used to watch Romper Room on TV...she always looked in her magic mirror or something and said what kids she saw out there in TV land but she never said my name...sad but true. And my dad bought a big black car one time that had big fins and I HATED it! Gosh, I sound like such a pessimist...sorry.