Thursday, February 25, 2010

Climate Crisis!

When I came home for lunch, today, I noticed some changes in the yard. I thought it would be a good opportunity for some photo-practice, so I grabbed the camera. It turns out that I need guidance, as well as practice, because most of my shots were 'delete worthy'. I did get this shot of the North end of a Southbound bee, though...

He was hard at work pollinating the blooms on the plum tree.

The best thing about living in the desert is spring in February!


When I returned to work, I had an email from Dearest Sister , warning me that our girls from the East might not be able to join the party as planned! Apparently a snow storm is bearing down on them and the airport has already put them on notice that their flight might not happen!

On Sunday, I caught a snippet of a radio program on NPR while I was running errands. It was an interview with some sort of expert onword usage. The discussion was on the evolution of the terms for the wild weather that seems to be getting more common.

He discussed the transition from 'global warming' (not accurate, as some places are having record cold) to 'climate change' (too benign - 'change can be good for us') and now, apparently to 'climate crisis' (more of an alarm!).

My world is having a climate crisis.

As in 'what good is beautiful weather, if the people can't get here to enjoy it!'

Dsis, and I plan to travel East with the girls and Man Friend on Monday to enjoy the rest of the week in their world. I guess I should take a coat...


Lynne said...

Talking about crazy climate words, our storm today is being hailed as a "Snowicane."

Not sure they are going to make it West either! :(

I certainly hope next week is a lot nicer for you here in the Wild Wild East!

Lynne said...

P.S. I hope they make it!!!!!

Allie said...

I hope they do make it - and yes, bring a coat, or better yet, bring TWO. It's all about the layers, lol!

jan said...

Good news - we beat the weather pixies and all the travelers arrived as planned. A few more arrive tomorrow and the gang will all be here!

Martha said...

That's wonderful! -- I know you're going to have a fabulous time. Be sure everyone checks out all of the improvements made to the place by you and the Mister.

Lynne said...

Have a great time! I'm so glad the East coast girls made it out there!

Watch out for next week! They are talking another storm for NYC on Wednesday!

We got 2 feet!!!!!! Spent most of the day digging out.