Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vintage Embroidery Patterns

This weekend, I have been concentrating on getting the house ready for guests and a party in three weeks. I only have four weekend days left, before the event, so I have a list of things that I want to get done by the end of each weekend.

This weekend, the goal was to get the guest rooms ready. The main guest room doesn't usually take much to get ready for visitors. We don't use it for anything else, so just clean linens was all it needed.

The upstairs guest room is a different story! During my vacation a couple of weeks ago, A and I went through a lot of the boxes, so there is more room, but there were dregs of all that sorting that needed to be taken care of.

The third guest room will be my studio -which tends to be the place that things go, when I don't know where else to put them. So, lots of organizing, condensing, sorting, etc will be necessary before I can offer it to anyone as accommodation. On the one hand, I enjoy the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with the contents of various boxes and storage totes. But about six dozen ideas for projects came to mind while I was going through things!

It was quite a chore to keep focus on the task at hand!


So, I decided to share some embroidery patterns with you. These were on a sheet that came from my grandmother's sewing things. It is marked 1944, but I don't know who issued it. It is a transfer, so they are made to be reversed.

I hope you had more fun that I did, this weekend!

(These designs can be found in my Flikr set here.)


Gaynell said...

Those embroidery transfers remind me of the pictures in my first reader"Fun with Dick and Jane" and that was MUCH later...about 1947!!

Allie said...

Boy if you're finding treasures like this, I'll come help! LOL! I love sorting through stuff I've forgotten about. Can you set aside the stuff for all the future projects into one tote? That's what I had to do, otherwise it just gets lost in the shuffle - not that I ever open that tote, lol!!!!!

Martha said...

I LOVE THESE! I've never seen anything quite like them -- they remind me of old redwork patterns, but modernized a little, especially in the faces. Thanks for sharing these, Jan. Are there any more like this?

Kate said...

Love 'em! You always have the coolest stuff! How sweet that you have the space to provide 3 guest rooms for your visitors. You're gonna have a blast. :)

jan said...

G - I have an ex-library Dick and Jane reader from somewhere. I love the pictures! (the words sure are lame, though)
Allie - I love finding forgotton treasures, too. I came across about 8 totes with projects that I 'found' as well! lol!
Martha - there are a few more. They don't all seem 'related' though. Look for 'volume 2'in the next post!
Kate - We will have three rooms plus the camper 'guest room'! It sure will be cozy - and fun!

Sylvie said...

Thank you very much for sharing these lovely patterns.


marian said...

i'm so happy to have stumbled across your blog! i adore vintage stitcheries & i haven't seen these designs before. Thank you so much for sharing them, i can't wait to get stitching :) x

btw i recently made a sweet little doll quilt using vintage hexagon blocks and redwork kitty sticheries [from vintage transfers]..i love how it turned out