Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogtober 24 - Take a trip through time and fashion

The guest blogger strikes again! I will now refer to myself as a serial blogger. A blogger without a blog.

I am not certain what I am referred to on either site (moms blog: ironneedles, or aunt’s: this blog) but I am pretty sure it is ‘favorite’ daughter/niece. And I am NOT the one in the picture recently posted on ironneedles, posted without the permission of the subject. But I digress.

A couple of years ago, an exhibit of the dresses of the 1st ladies came through my area and I was so pumped. I think mostly they display dresses worn to the inaugural events for their husbands. Alas, I could not convince anyone to go with me, even my man-friend. So it came and went. A little while later I get a package in the mail. My aunt-just-a-mere had found pictures from a similar exhibit passing through Kansas City some years ago. This exhibit displayed 4ft mannequins wearing hand-sewn versions of the 1st lady fashion. My grandmother worked at the host site and she took so many great pictures of these replicas. I do not know whom she went with or if it was her idea to go. Once I was old enough to hang with her, her hobby was pulling weeds so this was really a cool thing to see something from her view that didn’t involve heat stroke. :)

On the back of each picture is a number and a name of the original ‘wear-ee’ of the dress in the photo, number and name different ink. I imagine she took the picture, wrote the number down on a paper along with the name on the display, and then - when the pictures were developed - she sat down and wrote the numbers first, then went back to write the names. Here are some of my favorites.

Since then I have practiced my skill of talking the man-friend into going places with me that are less than ‘manly’.
Evidence: Flower Show 2009

He is desperately hoping momma-ironneedles and aunt-just-a-mere will come out for Flower Show 2010!!


jan said...

Thank you, guest blogger for filling in for me today! It was a fun surprise to see what you had posted and it is always interesting to hear your point of view! (And good job on the pictures! You have mad photo editing skilz!)

Gaynell said...

I enjoyed your "guest blog" and think that you have much talent...however, much like are referred to as "eldest." Nothing we can do about the birth order thing!

Iron Needles said...

While I hate to correct...yet still I is 'Wisest' Sister, and 'Eldest' Daughter.

All are favorites.

Excellent post, cereal blogger.

And tell the man-friend we can't wait to go to the flower show with him!

Allie said...

The dresses are fabulous but oh! those shoes!

Lynne said...

I think the "guest blogger" did a fine job! :)
Okay, I think I'm caught up reading blogs again!

Martha said...

Thank you guest blogger -- you are a good sport (and apparently so is your man-friend). The dresses look beautiful but I can't help wondering...did they already have a bunch of 4ft mannequins lying around and decided to put them to use? ...or did they want to save money on fabric or room in the truck?