Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogtober 20 - Vintage WIPs (and whining!)

Well! If you saw Dearest Sister's Blog, then I don't have to tell you she is a clever girl! (...cheater!)

Instead of settling on a topic for today, I spent all day, yesterday, trying to figure out how I could get a 'guest blogger' to spell me for a day. Yes, I know she had a long weekend and that is a challenge. I know, because I had a long weekend at the beginning of Blogtober. And I had to keep my part of the plan by my self!

Okay, I am just jealous.

And, since I wasted all day thinking ,"no fair, no fair!" I had a bad case of blog-block!

I decided that I would spend some time in my 'room where no sewing occurs', to see if I could find some inspiration. ( I have decided to call this room 'my studio'. Ms A told me that 'studio' means 'always in progress' and it definitely is 'a work in progress')

I spent some time admiring some fabric bargains that I picked up at Joann's Moonlight Madness sale (half off of red-tag clearance. I got some lovely fabrics for $2 and $3 a yard!) And I re-discovered some vintage fabrics that I had forgotten about.

I came across the 1921 Kansas Driving Laws booklet, and thought of sharing some fun facts from it, but it turned out to be 20 pages of license, fees and fines for not paying your license and fees, and 3 pages of 'rules'. (1.Speed Limit 40 mph, 2. Automobile operators must assist travelers with horses, if requested and 3. When two cars are going the same way, the car in front must pull to the right and the car in the rear should pass by pulling around to the left)

Then I came across a small basket with some vintage works-in-progress and decided to share them instead!

This lovely girl and her Airedale are an unfinished pillow front. It is number 7233 Pillow from "Idleart". It is also marked "Molter-Reinhard Co." It is on yellow organza, which has the disadvantage of showing the 'tails' of the floss through the sheer fabric. It is 'in progress' both because it has not been sewn into a pillow, and because the stitching is not complete. I love the seams on the stockings!

I think the face is very expressive, but the tails are a problem. Maybe that it why it was never finished... I am guessing it is from the 20's or the 30's.

I think this piece is interesting because it has a motif printed on the flour sack, but you have to do the stitching before washing the sack, or the stamping will be removed!

The 'net' and one flower is as far as the stitcher got. I am thinking it is because she (or he) was using rayon floss for the flower. I tried rayon floss once and I found it to be the most frustrating material invented!

The 'tea towel' suggests that it is a project 'to occupy little fingers'. It is hard to believe that the bright colors of ink would wash away from feed and flour sacks! It is a very fine, smooth cotton, more of a percale that what I think of as flour sacking. It is labeled 'cambric cloth' on the front of the bag.

I am sure that Dearest Sister will have lots to share, tomorrow, after she rests up from her vacation! (I must go try to wash the snarkiness from my mouth, now...)


Iron Needles said...

But...but...but...were you surprised? Just a little?

It is funny how 'unthought-through' some crafty ideas are. Did they figure the tails would show through the organza?

Gaynell said...

I like the idea of a "studio." Tell Miss A that her idea has resonated with those of us who have more WIP's than good sense!!

Martha said...

I wonder if you could cut those tails off very short and then put a tiny speck of fray-check or some sort of clear glue. It's a shame, because it's such a cute design, and nicely stitched.

Allie said...

I agree with Martha - cut those tails really short and fray-check them. That design is too cute not to use! Or lay it under a piece of glass and re-draw it. I love both those designs.

Rick said...

Typing from Marriott Courtyard in Rochester ...

Love the excerpts from the driving booklet, especially about helping with the horses if need be!

And, I have to say, you find THE most interesting pieces of work! Love the 20's girl. I would sure find a way to use her. I would probably frame her and hang her on the wall. I agree, possibly trim back those knots to next to nothing? And the flour sack one. How unique to have two purposes! I've never seen anything like that before!

Tell your hubby I'll give a wave in the direction of his relatives as we go by!

Kate said...

You come up with the coolest things! The girl walking the dog looks a little like me trying to walk Bad Dog on a leash (can't be done.) His front legs are always up in the air, trying to bolt, too!