Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogtober 8 - Fabric Souvenirs ('cause you can never have too much fabric!)

Besides my vintage 'souvenirs', I also bought some fabric while we were in California last weekend. Bishop has a Ben Franklin and I love the vintage-y displays and the different colors and varieties of goods. They carry Sublime Stitching embroidery transfers and their floss is displayed on a big round freestanding rack that spins. I love shopping in stores that do not have a 'corporate' feel!

Upstairs at Ben Franklin, they have a warren of about 5 small rooms with quilting supplies and fabric. My plan was to buy a small stack of fat quarters, or a charm pack. Well, there were a few quarter yard remnants (why do quilt shops get to sell remnants at full price?), but no fat quarter assortments.

So, I had to make my own assortment.

I decided on these bright prints. I think these are the base prints and the main design prints involved roosters, which I am not so crazy about. I decided on half yard cuts, so I had to stop at four, so as not to get carried away and spend more than I should!

After we got home, I had some errands to run and stopped in at a Goodwill store for a quick look-see.
I found these in the kitchen linens section.

They are brand new and 17" square, so close to the equivalent of a yard of 36" fabric for 99 cents! A few weeks ago, I read a post (don't remember where - sorry!) about sources of 'free' fabric. The idea is to look around and find fabric to re-purpose from clothes, linens etc. I have often bought blank cloth napkins for embellishing, but I never really thought about napkins as fabric. And, of course, they weren't free, but pretty close to free!

I am sure, by now, someone is saying to themselves, but does she do anything with all that fabric? The answer, sadly, is no. But she will -someday!

Or as Ms A says, it will be one hell of an estate sale when I am gone!

P.S. Dearest Sister, perhaps I will make some clothes for your Barbie! I think she needs something lighter for summer!


Iron Needles said...

Firstly - (not to correct you, but I do anyway)-we have made quilts (3!) with your material finds.

Secondly - one hell of an estate sale indeed...most of it will be scarfed up by Miss A and The Nieces, I wager.

Thirdly - Lovely, lovely fabric, and I wish I was there with you when you found it.

Fourthly - Barbie would thank you for the variety, but misses her sister in the housedress...

Martha said...

Oh -- I love the non-rooster fabric and the prints go together so nicely. The napkins are wonderful, too. I always purchase random napkins (especially linen and especially Vera). They make lovely patchwork for tablecloths and toppers.

I am really enjoying checking in our you two every day.

Kate said...

Some of that fabric would make lovely 'vintage' aprons. Those are so hot right now with 20-something girls...

Allie said...

Great finds - Barbie clothes, you're a hoot! I love ds's Barbie and miss mine!

paula, the quilter said...

O MY! I love, luv that rick rack fabric!! Gotta have... Ben Franklin's you say? Hmmm....

Lynne said...

Oh, I do like that first pic! How well everything goes together! And I'm jealous of the Ben Franklin. I thought they had gone out of business? How I loved those old style Five & Dimes. You seem to find treasures wherever you go.

You make me wish I had sewing ability!

How clever to think of "recycled" fabrics. I have some great fabric from curtains that my Mother made way back when. It depicts the ride of Paul Revere and those curtains were still in use in her house almost up until her death two years ago. The fabric is worn through and in some cases patched, but I can't let myself let go of it. I have no idea what to do with it! I was always going to blog about it but never got around to it. Maybe I will now. You sisters seem to bring that out in me.

Sorry for going on and on ... !

jan said...

IN - Making you do something with fabric is not the same as doing something myself!

Martha, I love Vera, as well! Scarves, tablecloths, napkins! (I love it that the ladybug is the logo, too!)

Kate, I bought The Apron Book at Jo-an a couple of weeks ago(with a coupon, of course..) I was just thinking that very thing...

Allie, I remember once when Ms A was having trouble getting an outfit on her Barbie and came for help. About 20 min later, Sister and I were the only ones dressing Barbie. Ms A had moved on to something else!

Paula, I used to hate rick-rack as a child! I thought it made things look home-made! Now, I love it!!

Lynne, we like it when people go on and on! It's all about the conversation! I would love to see that fabric!