Friday, October 2, 2009

Blogtober 2 - Vintage Embroidery

I am first at bat for Blogtober! My job is posting on the even numbered days, at least until we get to the end and reveal our triple fantastic giveaway. There, now I have committed us to thinking up something fabulous... DS, if you are reading, (and you'd better be!) do you have anything good in the prize closet?

And now back to our regular programming -

Some months back, Martha at Q is for Quilter shared some images from a 1948 pattern book. One of those patterns reminded me of this -

I got this bib, along with this one... a garage sale. I had asked (as I always do), “do you have any hankies or linens?” And the lady said that she did, but hadn’t brought them out, yet. She went inside and brought out a beautiful vintage Xmas table cloth, the bibs…

I put the clothes pin in the pocket for scale. ( I tried to get one of the kitties to model it for proportion, but they couldn't be bothered. In fact, they seemed insulted!) I love how the waistband is contoured!

...and this teeny apron!

I asked her what she was asking and she said “how about two dollars?” I agreed to her price (of course!) and took the lot.

The bibs and apron were put in a special place. I say special, because I couldn’t find them for a couple of years! I did find them a few evenings ago, under a group of napkins and place mats in the buffet drawers.

The embroidery work on the bibs is really amazing!

Look at the satin stitch on this face!

And this one!

The bibs are in relatively good condition, although the camera highlighted a bit of staining that I hadn't noticed (The flash never lies!), so I am going to make a copy!

I am using a dishtowel from a partial set that came to me in an auction. They were painted with the Aunt Martha 'Jungle Babies' days of the week -(which I think is awful - I know, from another time, but still...)

I had already cut off the painted part, but I saved the rest of the toweling for a future project - which is now! I will line it with some very soft flannel, I think.

I hope I can find a drooly baby (or two) that needs a bib!

Tune in tomorrow at Iron Needles for Blogtober 3rd!


Iron Needles said...

I'm suppose to have a prize closet?
Sheesh. I must have missed that memo.

Martha said...

You are right -- that first one especially looks like the bibs in the catalog the way it ties around the neck and waist (sort of a hassle, but very cute). It'll be fun to see your copies.

Gaynell said...

Those are so cute. A far cry from today's "tie a towel around them!" I amazes me to see that much time and effort into something that is used for holding messes.

Lynne said...

Got my giveaway apron today!!!!
I wrote you privately, but the apron is even more intricate than I realized. So gorgeous; the applique, the embroidery ... just amazing!

Thank you so much!!!!!

Allie said...

Oh those bibs are darling! Love the little apron too. My goodness I need to go shopping with you. I'll have to remember to ask your question next time I go!

Kate said...

I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding a drooly baby or two.

I am a little curious as to how you find fun things at a garage sale, though. I never do...

PS: When are you gals coming back to SLC?

jan said...

Allie, I started asking the question at sales to avoid that awkward point when you realize that there is nothing that you are interested in. It made it sound like I was looking for things in particular. I found that lots of time, people have stuff that they don't have out an they are pleased to go get it!