Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogtober 14 - Wake Up and Color!

Now, that is not a phrase that I ever heard, growing up. I generally heard "wake up and get a move on", but that is because I was (am) a very hard to wake up, sleepy-head.

Dearest Sister often got the job of getting me out of bed, especially as we got older. I remember insisting that I needed a warm washcloth to wipe the sleep out of my eyes in order to awaken properly. It is a wonder she tolerated my ridiculousness...

This little coloring book is one of twelve(!) that I bought on ebay some time back. The auction was for six of the 12 page books and the price was low. I paid at auction's end and waited. And waited.

After a couple of weeks, I contacted the seller to see when the books had been shipped and the seller was embarrassed to find that they hadn't been. So, to make up for the delay, she sent me 12 (!) instead of six. I didn't really need six, and I sure didn't need 12, but they are fun little books! I think they must have been promotional give-aways. They are just five inches wide by seven inches tall.

This is the cover which, as usual, has nothing to do with the pictures inside the pages.

Some of the pictures are delightfully odd pairings of animals with....stuff!

This is one of my favorites, but the scale fascinates me. Can you imagine an old fashioned telephone AS BIG AS AN ELEPHANTS HEAD!?! I know, I know, it is artistic license, but still... and that ribbon on her trunk and flower behind the ear and coquettish point of the toes...I am thinking she is talking to her boyfriend! Should children be coloring that?

This one I call "Pig with Tambourine" (and looooong curly tail!) Very light on her (?) feet, though!

My favorite, "Cat with Violin". Who doesn't love a cat at a hoe-down? Or he could be playing classical, it's all good...

Anyway, you can see the rest of the pages in my flikr set here.

I reduced the originals by about half and I think I might try one or two of them as embroidery designs on a larger sized onesie - maybe a twelve or eighteen month size.

But, I have other projects that are in line already and xmas is around the corner. I have just two months for gifts that need to be shipped!


(Tomorrow is the official one year mark for me! If you haven't yet, go here to leave a comment to be entered in the celebratory give-away! Winners will be announced on Friday!)


Iron Needles said...

Again. Between us we have one full memory. I had forgotten (blocked?) the warm washcloth bidness. The worst part of that was waiting for faucet water to warm up!

I went through all for the fun to be had once you woke!

But strangely enough, it never included coloring..

Martha said...

Oh, that's a cute little book -- anthropomorphic in their activities, but the animals themselves are a little more realistic looking since they're not wearing clothes.

Let me just say that all of my sisters would have laughed themselves silly if I asked for a warm washcloth to wipe my eyes. Was Becky always that sweet to you?

Allie said...

My mom sang to me - and now I sing the same irritating song to my boys. There are perks to growing up, lol.
Darling little book! I think I love the cover best though, oh those letters - quilt-worthy!

Gaynell said...

I am thinking the cat is from "Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon."

Gaynell said...

I also think that the "warm washcloth" was for add'l time because you KNEW how long it would take the water to warm up!! (No microwaves back then!)

Lynne said...

Hey Jan, I still need a warm washcloth in the morning to wake my face up! :)

Great coloring books, but don't let me near them. I'd be coloring away and totally destroy any idea you had about using them for transfers. I loved to color! (But strictly between the line you understand.)

jan said...

IN- If I had known that you had blcked that memory, I never would have brought it up!

Martha, I am not sure 'sweet' is the right word. I think 'long suffering' might be better...

Allie, Music transcends the generations, it really does...

G, you are right, I would do anything for 10 more 'winks'!

Lynne, I am glad that I am not the only one! Do you have to get your own warm cloth, or do you have someone willing to bring it to you?

Tish said...

A warm washcloth?!? That is too funny! I guess you helped prepare her for her 3 little girls!
ps The coloring book pictures were cute-- I never would have put that much thought into the elephant picture-- you are very observant!