Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogtober 4 - Eyes On The Prize

The other day, when I mentioned DS's 'prize closet', I was reminded of the halcyon days when we lived in towns a few hours apart and could get together every weekend all summer long, if we planned it right.

At that time, she worked in various laboratorial positions, the details of which I have a flimsy grasp. It seemed like they always involved 'testing' of some sort. With 'instruments' - not 'machines'.

Sometimes the testing required 'products' of which there was no further use, after the testing was done. And the products sometimes were available for a second life - after the role as test subject was finished- as whatever it was manufactured for.

And that, my friends, is how everyone in the family had, what seemed then, a lifetime supply of VICL!

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion - always with numbers and dates written on them with sharpie marker, but oh so emollient!

Then, in a later assignment, I recall pre-cooked bacon...

Unfortunately, those days are long gone - well, fortunately in some ways - but the days of her well-stocked guest room closet of skin care products are behind us. Now we have to pay retail!

But I digress.

This is a little sneak peak of my bib replica. I decided to start with the hard part and get it out of the way! I have never been very successful at satin stitch, but after reading instructions in some of my dozens of needlecraft books (also a staple at most estate sales that I can't leave behind) It was not so hard! Wow, instructions! Who would have thunk it?

I have to get busy and finish the rest, because everytime I look at it, that awful synthesizer tune from the GEICO commercial gets stuck in my head!

Somebody's watching yooooou!

(Dearest Sister, I am sorry you don't remember the prize closet! It took years before I could buy toothpaste without pining for the days of that kind with the two compartments, whose name I can't recall...)


Gaynell said...

I remember those days. Seems like yesterday, except that there is no VICL on my shelves!!

Iron Needles said...

With the reference of the prize closet, I had remembered the 'booty closet'! I hadn't thought of the VICL term forever, though.

And with this post you have pre-empted an idea of mine. Perhaps I will have to expand upon it.

Allie said...

LOL - love the VICL! Your bunny is coming along so cute, you made me laugh out loud about the Geico eyes - how I hate those commercials.

Martha said...

Your satin stitch looks wonderful -- I'm always amazed by how much floss it requires.

Your toothpaste story and the VICL brought back some fun memories from my past that I am going to blog about. Thanks for jogging my memory.

Our Growing Family said...


Anonymous said...

oh mentadent, i do not miss thee! But funny to remember those days. All of the different scents. I also remember visiting the toothpaste testing area. Humungo barrels of toothpaste.....humungo! -k

Lynne said...

I am certainly impressed with your satin stitch! I don't like to do it either. I usually end up ripping it out several times before I am satisfied. Did you use the method were you fill in before doing the stitch?

jan said...

Thanks for jogging my memory, V! I couldn't think of it to save my life!

Allie - I hate those commercials, too and now I have cursed myself to have it in my head when I look at the bunny!

Martha, you are right that it uses a lot of floss! But a lot of floss is what I have! I guess this is a good way to use it up!

Lynne,I stitched around the area, then did the satin stitch inside the 'outline', but I didn't do any stitches underneath the 'satin'. No re-do on this project, yet...