Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An unhappy ending!

I was all set to share my finished project.
I finished up these onesies this week, the last one while I was watching TV this evening. They are to be a gift for a new baby that we hope to meet while we are on vacation. I was very pleased at how they turned out and I gave them a little wash to freshen and remove the transfer pencil marks.

I laid them on a towel outside to dry and a few hours later, brought them in to take some photos.

That's when I noticed.

No problems with the boat (Noah's ark? What other boat would have a giraffe...)
But the bunny looked a little 'smudgy'.
Then I saw that the horse was a little 'smudgy', too!
And, the bear definitely has a halo of dye around it!

I have never had a problem with color fastness in embroidery floss!

I have them soaking again in Oxy-clean and hoping they will be salvageable, but my joy at completing the project has deflated. I am glad that they are a quick project and not something that I spent many hours on (maybe 3 or 4 hours total). And the blank garments are not expensive. But still....


Lynne said...

I am trying to play catch up and read all my blogs that I missed while in Mexico.

What kind of floss did you use? I bought some Prism floss packs at Michaels and was hoping because they were less expensive than DMC they would be okay. So far, so good.

Hopefully it won't be too noticeable once rinsed again. I see only the slightest hint of color. But if they are meant for a baby which means hot water wash to get baby food stains out, then will they run again? Too bad!

Loved the iris entry. I never tire of hearing about the iris tradition passed down in your family. Your Mom is somewhere beaming from ear to ear that her iris are so loved by her daughters.

Allie said...

OH NO!!!!!!! I hope it comes out, although honestly it's not too noticeable in your pics. All that work - they really are darling!

Anonymous said...

By now, the oxyclean should have done its bit. Hope all is well. Love, WS

Anonymous said...

You didn't ask for advice, but that never stops me! You could soak the skeins in a hot water/vinegar bath. That should stop the running. Also, there is a product in the laundry aisle, can't think what its called, made by Shout I think, its a sheet, like a dryer sheet, and you put it in with the wash and it takes the runned colors right out. No soaking fifteen times. It has always worked for me.