Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grape Goodness!

I thought that this would be the last iris to bloom in my garden this year. I was happily surprised to see two more plants with buds coming up! Neither are labeled, but one of them is Quaker Lady, I am almost positive. The other one does not have a very distinctive bud shape, so we will see if I 'recognize' it when it blooms.

This is Grape, an old-fashioned 'flag'. The petals continue to stretch for a day or two after the flower opens and take a dog-tongue shape. Kind of ho-hum when you look at an individual bloom, but a clump with many fluttering petals is very nice. Especially when the fluttering petal give off a wonderful grape Kool-aid smell. If you don't remember what grape Kool-aid smells like, you would be instantly reminded after one whiff!

I have really been enjoying the spring flowers this year. Exploring the surrounding neighborhoods on foot have really given me a chance to observe things much more closely than I have in years past. In fact, the buds that I have noticed, have helped me maintain my motivation for my evening walks.

And that is a good thing!

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