Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Polly Pocket, I mean - Lucy Locket (and Jack)

These are blocks 10 and 11 of the Rhymeland blocks that I am making for Bean's quilt. (You can read all about why Bean is Bean, here.)
This is Lucy's story:

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it.
Nothing in it, nothing in it,
But the binding 'round it.

Apparently, Lucy was careless with her things. Not a tragedy. I imagine we have all been careless with our things, at least once. Lucy's story is a mild cautionary tale.

My Aunt Ruth always referred to her handbag as a "pocket book". Now, it sounds very old fashioned, but I never really thought about it then.

Polly Pocket was the latest thing when Ms. A was at the age of plastic toys, and I am always confusing Lucy with Polly!

This is Jack. His story is a more familiar one to me:

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.

Jack jump over the Candlestick!

Familiar story, but curious. I know little boys can be rambuncious, but was he really allowed to run around, jumping all over everything, including an open flame!?! Did his father brag to his buddies that,"My jack can jump over lit candles!" and someone else said, "no, really?" "Sure, wanna see?" I am thinking that this may have been the incident that spurred passing laws requiring fire retardant sleepwear for children!


Martha said...

Your new blocks are looking great -- I guess I've mentioned that I love the color combination. Mrs. McCormick, who was old and lived next door to me when I was little, always called a purse a pocketbook She also called a blouse a waist -- something to do with shirtwaist I think. My daughter doesn't even say blouse -- everything is either a shirt or a top.

Iron Needles said...

Sometimes I call my purse a pocketbook...what do you reckon that is about? I am old is what that is about!

Anonymous said...

When you are in the car, do you put things in the Glove Compartment, or Glove Box? I do, but rarely gloves!! Love, WS

Our Growing Family said...

I can't wait for bean to cuddle up in her blanket! I will sit and tell her all the stories her greataunt pulled together for her!