Thursday, May 14, 2009

Late Season Surprise!

This is Zandria!

Zandria is one of those really striking iris that all garden visitors notice and oooh and aaah over. Very velvety falls, and the bright orange beards really pop!

The bud looked a lot like Grape Snakez and it is growing next to GS, so I thought it was the same.

Until it opened!

The plant is a bit undersized and so is the bloom, but I was thrilled! Zandria has been a notoriously slow grower - slow to increase and kind of tender in my previous gardens. We always planted back several different clumps of Zandria, because the odds of them all surviving were pretty low.

I guess it just likes the heat!

It is the last of my iris to bloom this year. (I think that I have said that before the last two, but I really think this is it....) The timing couldn't be better, because soon, we leave on another road trip odyssey. The first destination is Dearest Sister's house!

I can't wait!!


Iron Needles said...

I am so glad you shared Zandria with me! She likes my climate, too, high altitude and coolness. Go figure.

PS I am so glad you are here!

Martha said...

This was always my favorite iris in Mrs. Spangler's garden, but I didn't know the name. I'm looking forward to hearing about your fun road trip.

Anonymous said...

You are heading my way! Hooray! Love, WS