Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rhymeland #12 - The End of Chapter one!

I have finished the blocks for Bean's quilt!

This is the twelfth block and it is Mother Goose, again.

I started with Mother Goose at the beginning, but I decided to go with different colors. At the time, I didn't intend to re-do this block. But, since the quilt motif is her namesake, I decided that she should be included.

Looking at the photo in the post, I realized that the goose is blind! I forgot to do the eye. I am glad I noticed before the quilt was put together! In this quilt, I forgot the hand on the Hickory Dickory boy and had to add it after the quilting was done!

Chapter Two will be the piecing together.

And I will be helping!

The Mister and I are planning another road adventure. This time, we are going first, to Dearest Sister's house. I will get to share her birthday with her for the first time in a very long time!

We are going to South Dakota from there to see Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument in progress (and so The Mister can add the South Dakota sticker to the back of the camper!)

After that, we go to Kansas for Lovely C's graduation from high school and a visit with Wisest Sister.

On the way home, we will have a visit with Dear Aunt and have a bit of a meet up with family and friends in Greensburg.

A new season of Greensburg on Planet Green channel began this past week, the second anniversary of the F5 tornado that destroyed all but a tiny bit of the town. It will be exciting to see the progress of rebuilding.

One week from tomorrow, the adventure begins!

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Iron Needles said...

Happy birthday to me! I can't wait! Hurry hurry hurry!