Thursday, May 14, 2009

Salvaged - mostly...

After soaking and rinsing, soaking and rinsing, I finally threw the onesies with the running dye in the washer with a load of towels and washed them. Most of the dye came out. There is still traces of a 'halo' around the teddy bear, but it is not too noticeable.

I also threw these two in with them. They had not been rinsed, but I figured I would have the same result so I might as well add them, too.

These are tiny onesies for a tiny boy, born a little earlier than we would like. They fit 5 pound babies, so I reduced the size of the transfers and they are too, too, cutie-wootie! (The others are size 12 month - for 18 to 24 pound babies)

Look at that precious pup! He is about the size of a penny!
I simplified the horse a bit, since the scale was much smaller.

The horse came out of the wash looking good, but the puppy had major dye run. So, it is soaking again!

I may have to re-think my habit of buying floss at estate sales and thrift stores, unless I find skeins that are labeled. The only problems that I have ever had, before now, was some floss that broke easily and I threw it away. I guess I can't make that claim, anymore!


Allie said...

Bummer on the puppy, he's so cute! I agree, time to re-think the thrifted floss. That's too much work to have to deal with that headache! I'm glad most of it came out for you.

Anonymous said...

I really like the little designs. They are just the right size for onesies. (Did we ahve "onesies" for our babies???) Love, WS

Martha said...

I'm so glad the dye came out -- they look wonderful and they're going to be so darling on those little babies.