Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Lost Weekend...

Last weekend, The Mister and I went to Mesquite, Nevada for the weekend. It is about an 90 minute drive, so I left work a little early on Friday and we headed North. The occasion was a car show and the entry fee included two nights in one of the casinos there. We took the Isetta and had a very good time showing it to folks who have never seen a micro-car.

We brought home two awards, a "Vehicle of Distinction" award from this car show and we picked up an award from this show - the "Dare To Be Different" award. We had left the show last fall after listening to the presentation of all the awards we thought we might have a shot at. Later, we saw that we had won when we checked the website. Anyway, the shows were sponsored by the same group, so we asked if we could pick it up while we were in Mesquite.

I would show you a photo, but I left my laptop power cord at the hotel in Mesquite. I am using my work laptop at home, which I am allowed to do, but I am not able to load photos on it from the camera. The housekeeping folks said they would hold the cord for me, so perhaps we will take another drive to Mesquite this coming weekend.

Anyway that is one reason that I have not been able to post.

The other, more pressing reason is that The Mister had a "incident" after we got home that required transport to the hospital where he has been (impatiently) for the last several days.

I have gotten quite a bit of knitting and embroidery done while I have been keeping him company, but it will be good to have him home again - hopefully tomorrow!


Iron Needles said...

Did you know that The Mister has been emailing from the hospital? Keep an eye on that guy. And congrats on the awards. I just love awards.
PS When/if you get a chance, the comments on my quilt-y post are very complimentary of your embroidery.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that others appreciate your little car.
It blows me away that my SISTER has become a motorhead!! Ah, well, what we do for our spouses...I'm even watching spanish language television. Love, WS