Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In which we plan for Grandbebe three!

Exciting news! Dearest Sister is to have three Grandbebes by years end! I am so glad that my assignment for bebe quilt number two has been delivered!

Now, I can concentrate on bebe quilt number three!

Sunday, I sorted all the feedsacks and vintage cottons by color so I could get a sense of possibilities

In keeping with our gender neutral color scheme (so as to have it finished before bebe arrives), we thought about purple. Not the largest pile after the sorting, but enough, I think.

If we could find out the bebe's gender in the next week or so (and if it were to be a girl) we could consider this group! I love the bubble gum pinks!

My favorite fabrics are feedsacks because they are so sturdy and nearly always have been pre-washed. (I guess if a feedsack wasn't washed promptly after the "feed" was removed, it would probably be eaten by bugs, so the "unwashed" probably wouldn't survive!)

I think this is the group that we will use. Lots of prints and a couple pieces of yardage that could probably work for the back, if DS decides to use something besides flour sacks. Blue, but not bebe boy blue, so I think it still fills the neutrality requirement.

I am using this motif for the embroidery. Martha over at Q is for Quilter has made some really beautiful things. I want to make all her projects!

The design is by Nancy Page and was a serial published as a block a week in the newspaper in 1935. All the designs in the series are really cute. It will be difficult to narrow it to just twelve that I will need for this project. Anyway, I was so happy to be able to start right in. Thanks Martha, for sharing with me!

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Martha said...

Jan -- I love the feedsacks you selected -- they are going to the so cute. I can't wait to see the quilt -- please post the work in progress.