Thursday, January 8, 2009

A bird in the hand

Ms A has promised me my own bird necklace as my Christmas gift from her! I am very excited because her bird necklaces are her signature pieces, much admired by all! Her holiday season was very hectic, due to the busy gift season and a move to a new apartment before her visit here, so she gave me a promise instead of the real thing, but I know that she is good on her word! She showed me photos of some that she had consigned at a gallery holiday sale and I picked a "blue" one. Not a blue bird. She told me what kind of bird, but I forget. It had a lovely blue breast, though.

These are some pictures that I took of her senior exhibition in 2007. The words of the chain are what the bird calls sound like. My necklace will not have words in the chain. I am not a words in my chain kind of girl.

This one says "do you see, do you hear, do you believe?"

(I am not sure what type of bird it is)

Song Sparrow
"Madge, Madge, Madge, put on your tea kettle!"

Barred Owl
"Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all?"

Sorry for the uneven quality of my photos!
I will try to take a better photo of MY bird necklace when it arrives!


Iron Needles said...

Again! I am jealous!

You get a bird necklace AND paychecks!

You always get everything!

Anonymous said...

She is really gifted. I am so glad that I saved the drawings that she made on napkins when we were having brunch at the Pancake House so many years ago. ( dated them, too!!) Love, WS