Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Hats for Charity

The event that inspired me to pick up knitting needles after 43 years was Save the Children's baby hat campaign in the fall 2006. Prior to that time, I believe the last time I knitted with "purpose" was in my Kindergarten play (I played a Grandma and knitted in my rocking chair). Perhaps there were some four-stitch "headband" efforts during my elementary school years, but nothing that I remember finishing.

A woman at my work told me about the campaign and we adopted it as a community service project. The patterns provided seemed easy enough and I bought a kit at Tuesday Morning that had even easier instructions that refreshed my rudimentary skills. I cranked out about 20 baby hats for the project. When it was over at the end of 2006, knitting baby hats had become part of my routine, so I kept knitting. I tried to find a local hospital (or even one within 300 miles)that needed hats but they all said the same thing, "We have PLENTY of hats!" Eventually, I stopped knitting hats and picked up my embroidery projects and then transitioned to dishcloths this year.

October 1st of this year, I received a post card from Save The Children telling me about another campaign for 2008, so I sent out the word and joined about a dozen other knitters and crocheters, ultimately creating about 200 caps!

We shipped them out a couple of weeks ago, but before I packed them up, I laid them all out for a "portrait". It was such fun to look at each hat and see each crafter's style and creativity. I think the campaign really wanted letters to lawmakers in support of reducing infant mortality, but writing letters is not as satisfying as knitting.....

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Anonymous said...

What a nice "portrait!" You can be proud that little heads are warm because of your efforts. Love, WS