Sunday, January 11, 2009

My frantic search... over! I found the quilt blocks! I knew they were in a safe place, I just couldn't remember which one!

When dearest sister found out that there was to be a grandbebe, she declared that she would make a quilt. Of course, I wanted to tag a long, (as I always do) and claim partial credit. I offered my vintage fabric stash and somehow the idea of embroidering blocks came up. It was decided that I would contribute the fabric and embroidered blocks and she would do... all the rest. Even though she did almost all the work, the quilt was from the both of us. She even allowed me to embroider a tag on the back that says so!

For that quilt, I used this vintage transfer from my collection. (I have since seen re-issues of it and purchased a couple more sets. They are very cute!)

When we (and by we, I mean she) finished the first quilt, I suggested that we start another, as it seemed likely that there would be more grandbebes. We (and by we I mean me) decided on a color scheme (green and orange) and again went to my vintage fabric stash.

I found this transfer for grandbebe quilt #2.

I cut the blocks out of some vintage flour sacks and started stitching. It was a great project, since it was so portable. Each block took about an hour or hour and a half, so I would carry the one I was working on plus a spare and worked on them at car shows, traveling, or while listening to Prairie Home Companion on the radio Sunday mornings. Since I only needed two colors of thread, there was not much to fuss with.

Anyway, I finished them up, but DS was not anxious to start the next quilt, so I went on to other projects and left the quilts in the "sewing bag" that I was using at the time.

The thing is, I created a memory of me putting them somewhere in my sewing room. I thought I knew exactly what shelf that I would find them on. Of course, they were not there! Then I thought that perhaps in the holiday spare room conversion, I might have tucked them into a box or basket with other project materials. I went through just about every box and storage tote looking for them!

I did look in my sewing bag, but forgot that I had moved to a different one for our travels last summer.

Finally, I found the original bag and the blocks! I was not really in a "panic" because I knew they were in the house, somewhere, I just couldn't lay my hands on them!

Worst case, I would have had to re-do the blocks, but I am glad that I can send them off to DS tomorrow so they will be in her charge!

I haven't seen this set re-issued, so if I find more vintage ones, I will probably stock up with a couple more. So vintage-y and really fun to do.

It is the Story Book Crib Quilt transfer pattern. These are some of my favorite blocks and some of their stories!

This is the cleverly named Cubby Bear. I loved doing the britches!

Betty Badger with her flowered hat, almost makes me think a badger might make a lovely nanny for the children!

Tillie Turtle must have been the inspiration for the pattern of chicken wire fence!

Bonniebelle Bear - I believe the story goes that she invented lip gloss!

Racky (ra)Coon, the twin brother to Rocky (ra)Coon, who was immortalized by the Beatles on The White Album!

Okay, maybe not, but that is what I think of when I look at him!

It was fun to spend some time with them today as I took the photos. Now I will pack them up and send them on their way! I hope the post office doesn't lose them!


Anonymous said...

I like the motifs. You are so clever to have them already done when the upcoming event was announced. Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Ummm...I think we (and by we, I mean you) decided it was going to be orange and green, not purple. At least those are the colors the materials is that I have in the pile you have sent to me! Your post had me smiling the whole way through.
I never ever considered you a tag-along. Without you, I never had any fun or good ideas!
(And how appropriate that Grandbebe Two will be introduced to the White Album early on.)

jan said...

Yes, yes, that is what I meant to say - Orange and green! Good thing I used the right color thread!!

Martha Gray said...

Jan -- those blocks are just darling and your stitching is perfect. I'm going to start searching for this set. Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Jan- I can tell you that grandbebe one loves her blanket that was made with love! If only her mother might let her use it... I really love all the work you put in to the last quilt and the work you have put into this quilt and I am sure that they will love their quilts forever as a reminder of how awesome their grandmama and grandaunt really are!
-grandbebe #1 and #2 momma