Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Cheer!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We had a great time with family and friends at Thanksgiving and we had a little bit of Christmas with Dearest Sister and her Wonderful Guy while they were here.

Since we have moved to the desert, we have put up our Christmas tree earlier than was our tradition. It mostly falls to me, but I love getting out the tree and the ornaments and all the memories that they call to mind.

This is one of my favorites!

Dear Ms A made this nativity many years ago from a kit that I ordered from a catalog. I have always loved her artwork and I have saved many special pieces, but this is one of my favorites. I think that she was probably ten or so when she made it.
Meet the Holy Family and the Angel - notice the walnut shell manger!

The wise men with their gifts!
Villagers who came to see the Baby Jesus.

Ms A submitted it as a 4-H art project at the county fair. She was disappointed that she didn't get a first. The judge commented on the critique sheet that they didn't stand securely.

If they had been displayed differently, the judge would have seen that they really weren't made to stand, at all!

They are finger puppets!


Anonymous said...

It is always fun to see things that our kiddos made when they were small. However, when the kiddo in question is the talented Ms. A, we all enjoy seeing them. Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Stupid judge.

I enjoyed our visit, too, and dearly wished they happened way more often.

Maybe some day...