Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Car is the Star!

In Las Vegas, there are many conventions. This week is Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. There is a huge gathering of car people (mostly men but some women), who are fans of cars and all things automobilia. It is a joint convention of SEMA (Specialty Equipment) and AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Products). If you have a car guy (or gal) in your home, then you know that all the famous car people come to these shows to see, be seen, and sell!

At the Expo Center, there are millions of square feet of space devoted to car parts, products etc. Each seller tries to attract attention to their booths.

One booth used my car to attract attention!

The good people of Clean Tools requested the presence of my Isetta to grace their booth! I must say that it looked right at home and very special! I was so proud to see it looking all shiny and cutie-wootie!

At the end of the week, it will come home and leave the glamour life behind. There are no more car shows until spring, so it will have to be content with getting attention from the occasional visitor to the garage!


Iron Needles said...

Oh, she does look so cutie-wootie. And just fits!

Alas, I won nothing at bunko.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Who thought she would be a star!! I am sending the promised patterns today. WS