Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is how long its been...

since I have posted!
I don't know if I will have blooms by Thanksgiving, but they are well on the way!

I love the way the roots just insist on growing like crazy, once they get started.

This is my "new" garden. I bought three hyacinth bulbs at the same time and decided to use this ceramic bowl. It is the one I usually use for paperwhites. The hyacinths are not going gangbusters, yet. I confess that I did "peek" by picking one up to see if the roots were started. I did not have enough pebbles for both groups, so I am using some flower arranging marbles.

I never had success with them in a vase with cut flowers. The water always got cloudy and stinky when I tried. If they don't work for this project, then I will bag them up and put them in the charity box. I am sure they would be perfect for artificial flowers, but I don't do artificial arranging. Without the power of nature to add beauty, I am afraid of dismally lame results.

I have been very busy with the distraction of commerce this past week. In preparing for Dearest Sister's Thanksgiving visit I have been trying to de-clutter. I decided to list some vintage estate sale/auction goodies on ebay that I had set aside over a year ago.

I also picked up a Lenox nativity set at a garage sale that I thought I could turn for a profit. The Mary figure was missing, but I looked on ebay and it seemed there was quite a lively "secondary market" for this set.

Oh my goodness! One man's trash is certainly another man's treasure! (I am not suggesting that a scene depicting the birth of Christ is trash, mind you!) I am often surprised at the prices folks sometimes pay for something that is not worth nearly so much to me! Suffice to say, my "investment" was returned many times over!

Anyway that is what my computer time has been spent on. I have gathered momentum for the de-clutter process. A little success is a powerful motivator!


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for your post! PLEASE show pictures of the blooms...even if it is after Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday!! Love, WS

Tinniegirl said...

They look fantastic. Can't wait to see the flowers.