Sunday, November 2, 2008

It happened again!

I am working on a set of tea towels for Dearest Sister to give to her MIL as a holiday gift.

I had a mishap with towel number two and had to repair a small fray that occurred when I was pulling the fabric tight in the hoop.

Towel number three was nearly finished when the same thing occurred! I was finishing it up and a passer-by asked what I was working on. I attempted to pop it out of the hoop and show her, when I felt the same "give" in the fabric. Sure enough, the fabric had given way, although fortunately, not as severely as with towel number two!

Thankfully, number four was completed without issue, but I finally took steps to prevent it from happening again.

I bought this adjustable hoop.

My regular hoop is a vintage wooden one with no adjustment screw to catch my thread. The inner hoop is oh-so slightly smaller with an inset of felt sort of inlaid that holds the fabric secure.

I have used it successfully for many, many projects and it feels like an old friend.

I am kind of liking this new one, though. Who knew that I would be won over by "new technology"!


Iron Needles said...

Sometimes new stuff is good stuff. Sometimes not, though. Like Aunt Annies new fangled circular knitting needles with the hinges!

Lil D said...

How frustrating. I usually use an ancient embroidery hoop - maybe I should look into getting a new one.

Thank you for the nice comment about the blanket that I made - I hope that my sister-in-law likes it.