Saturday, November 1, 2008

Home again!

Eleven days and 3200 miles later, we are home!

Some highlights:
Fall foliage!

String Cheese from Oceola Cheese Company, Oceola, MO. Worth the trip if you are within 100 miles!

Birthday lunch in honor of Dear Daughter (Ms A) with Wisest Sister at Andre's- Worth the trip if you are within 200 miles!

A wonderful visit with Dear Aunt - I had a really good time asking about some of the family history.
A visit to Greensburg - to see the progress in rebuilding.
Completed travel projects :
Four dishcloths (using up odds and ends of yarn)
Five baby hats for a charity knitting project.
Two more tea pot tea towels!
I am glad to be home, wearing sleeveless t-shirts and going barefoot! It was really cold some of the days of travel - even for someone who has gotten used to the desert!
Heaps of laundry awaits, so more particulars later!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are safely home. Even for 32oo miles, you sure got a lot done. Mom would be so proud that you did not waste all that time!.
The pictures are wonderful. Love, WS (Did you change your clocks?)

Nathalie Brault said...

Nice crafting you did. Thanks for dropping by my blog and the comment I'm inviting you to my new blog and the giveaways going on every week for the featured artists. So come and join the fun at See you

Iron Needles said...

Thanks for the photos. It was almost like we were at Andres together. Almost.