Monday, September 28, 2009

My New Portable Sewing Machine!

When we went to Utah last month to meet the new bebes in the family, we had some nap time to explore some antique stores. Next to the first store that we stopped at, there was a yard sale and this machine was in it.
My quality inspectors 'on the job'!

It was sitting on a table with yellow tape holding the electrical cord together and a very funky rigged up foot controller.

Priced at $10.

So I bought it.

The glue that held the wooden base together was very dry and it was coming apart and the cover was missing, but it wasn't rusted and the wheel turned freely.

Since I had researched a bit on vintage Singers, I knew that that there are resources to restore old machines, and The Mister is pretty handy with electrical stuff. At the time, I had not yet signed up for my quilt class, but I was planning to. The thought crossed my mind that I might have to bring my own sewing machine and my regular one is not portable.

A couple of weekends ago, we made it a project. He replaced the board on the bottom of the base and glued and clamped it all back together. I cleaned and oiled the head. We ordered a new motor and electrical connections and got it up and running. I even found a cover on ebay that fits perfectly!

I ordered the wrong bobbin case, so I have sent it back to exchange for the correct one before I can actually use it.

This machine is very modern, (built in 1935!) compared with my 'old' one, from 1891. This one has a forward and reverse! And, it is portable! (heavy, but portable!)

I can't wait to get the correct bobbin case so I can take it for a test drive!


Gaynell said...

So that is the machine. I think you got a good deal, even with the expense of refurbishing. Lucky that you know someone who is handy!!

Allie said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl - I'm green with envy!!!!! That's beautiful!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

What a great find! What a great project! I know you are thrilled with it. C

Lynne said...

Very cool! Do the kitties know how to sew too?

Martha said...

What a fun project...and that is a beautiful machine. I'm sure it's going to do a wonderful job -- those old machines are great workhorses. I can just imagine you sewing your first quilt using your vintage fabric on this cute vintage machine.

Marion said...

Oh, this is lovely. I, too, possess a machine from the 1800s, my paternal grandmother's, brought over with her as one of her few possessions when she emigrated. When I visited her English seaside hometown years and years after her death, I was amazed to see a tombstone in the local cemetery in the shape of that same sewing machine. The manufacturer was a local business. Ah, grace. You find it everywhere, especially in stories like these. Thanks for this.

paula, the quilter said...

The yahoo featherweight group is a fountain of information on these little beauties: how to clean, maintain and sources for supplies.