Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Labors

This was a very low-key holiday weekend for The Mister and me. We did some errands and went out to eat but mostly just stayed around the house.

Today, I worked on this:

I saw these dish towels at the grocery store quite awhile back. The were marked 75% off along with some 'flour sack' dishtowels (which is what first caught my eye). The orange just said "Halloween" to me and even though I wasn't sure about stitching on this type of weave, I bought the two or three packages that were left. After all, at 75% off, they were practically paying me to take them away!

Today, I went through some motifs that I have been collecting and decided on this one. It is a free pattern from Annie Oakleaves. She has some very cute designs!

I picked these three trick-or-treating ghosties!

A ghostie-witch!

A vampire with his cape and Eddy Munster hair...

...and my favorite - The Bride of Frankenstein!

The weave was a bit tricky in the white stripes, but I used 6 strands of floss (except for the jack-o-lantern where I used 2 strands) and the chunky-ness covered any issues.

This year at Halloween, we plan to be in Beatty, Nevada for the annual "Beatty Days Festival". They have a car show, chili cook-off, a parade, bed races and lots of other small town fun. The car show participants (usually about 30 or 40 cars - very small town!) have been asked to provide goodies for the kids to "trunk or treat", so I will use this to line whatever basket, or bowl we use for the candy.

I hope you all had a good and restful holiday!


Gaynell said...

Those towels are very cute! The ghosties are halloween-ish, but not fearsome.

Allie said...

Those are so SWEET! Love the orange stripe towel too. Sounds like you're going to have a blast on Halloween - enjoy!

Martha said...

I love those orange-striped towels, and the Halloween patterns are so cute (love Bride of Frankenstein -- one of my favorite movies). You are getting to be a real expert with embroidery on different types of fabrics -- next thing I know, you'll be embroidering on terrycloth.

Cherry said...

Very cute! Simple is awsome! And what else do you need than sweet ghosts?

Iron Needles said...

I love the patterns. I am always surprised at what others find while looking at the same things I am looking at. You notice many details I overlook.

Lynne said...

I love this cute designs! The towels look hard to embroider on though. They came out great!