Thursday, September 24, 2009

Helping Me Help Myself!

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment about the aprons! It is not too late to get in on the giveaway, so if you haven't already, de-lurk and tell me which one you would like. I will post the winners tomorrow evening. My enthusiasm for passing things along is building, so who knows? Maybe everyone will be a winner!!

Here is another one up for grabs if you are interested!

Hearts and Flowers
I am not sure if this one is a child's apron, or a 60's apron to cover a mini-skirt! It is small-ish, but the ties are long, so maybe it was for someone like Twiggy!


Allie said...

LOL - my mom used to call me Twiggy - I was 5'8 and weighed 110lbs. It was incredibly embarrassing to be shopping with her and having her yell out "Twiggy where are you!"

She can't call me that anymore. :(
Too much ice cream.

Anonymous said...

said in a very very high sqeally voice: I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THE APRON GIVE-AWAY!!!!
I believe you need to link your blog to facebook! - K

jan said...

I will have it emailed to you, so you never miss another post!