Tuesday, September 22, 2009

“Free to good home” Apron Giveaway!

Well, now that I have ‘outed’ myself as a hoarder (not in the worst possible way, but still...) I really must begin the process of shedding some ‘stuff’!

Mustard yellow with grey flowers.

So, I am having a giveaway!

Yellow and red bias cut with black detail on pocket and waistband.

Go here to see more aprons, freshly ironed (but not necessarily impeccably ironed…I am kind of a slap-dash iron-er).

Pick an apron from this post (or the Flickr set ) that you would like to have. Leave a comment before Friday (5pm Pacific) and tell me which one you would enjoy winning.

I will draw a name Friday evening and send the winner their choice.

Hostess apron - sheer black with purple and white print fabric and silver rick rack. It has some breaks in the black fabric, but the purple is good.

Go ahead and list first and second choices and I will pick two winners. Who knows, if you list three, I might give three away - that should start me down the road of de-cluttering!

White with evergreen and berries.

This apron is very soft and drapes really nicely. The design is painted faux embroidery, but nicely done!

One thing I have learned about myself in this process is that the thing that appeals to me about aprons is the fabric. I don’t think I could cut one up, though. I have a hard enough time cutting into new fabric, purchased for a project! (If you want to cut it up and make it into something else, I have no problem with that - it's a personal issue with me, not a moral position!)

Red with center point layers.

Very vintage-y!

Bright circles with bound hem and waist - '60's apron. Very bright and the fabric is like new!

And, I learned that all my aprons look good with a yellow dress!


Allie said...

Oh Jan. I CANNOT resist your give-away! I adore the Mexican couple on Flickr - that would be my first choice - second would be the mustard yellow with grey flowers in your post. My goodness those are all gorgeous!
I actually wear my aprons - but not for cooking! I use a headset with my cordless phone, and never have a pocket to put it in while I'm moving around the house. Aprons are great for that. The ones without pockets get their turns on display!

Iron Needles said...

Very nice apronage. I like those aprons. I like the material in those aprons. However, I think those aprons...must...leave...the family...

Iron Needles said...

I need the grey and yellow atomic...

Our Growing Family said...

The aprons must not laeve the family...I love the red with centerpoint layers!

Lynne said...

No fair! I was going to have dibs on the atomic one!
Love the pockets! I also love the Mexican one.

Lynne said...

Okay, I tried this before and it said I did something wrong somewhere in cyberspace...

I could do with the mustard yellow and grey apron since the fabric has a certain provencal air to it.

I tried to leave a link to a cool apron I got from my mom in the last message but it didn't work. So I am trying again so you can see it.


Here goes nothing!

jan said...

Allie, I never thought of using aprons when I am wearing pants with no pockets! I might try it for my ipod!

IN- give in to the power - of vintage!

OGF -Thanks for de-lurking and playing along!

Lynne - I looked at the link and I am very impressed! I don't think I have ever known someone with a store bought apron! It is very pretty, too!

Martha said...

This is so fun -- I want the brown gingham cross-stitch -- I wear aprons a lot, and I like to have a little bib on the top since I am very messy -- also I really like those buttons. Second would be the atomic (love that pocket & ruffle) and third would be the mustard and gray flowers because it's such a cool print.