Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitties and Chicks and Bugs, Oh My!

These are the rest of the set of onsies for OM.

I repeated the chick - (I think it may be my favorite!) - The kitty and the bug with the flower are new ones and they will join the red breasted blue bird as a gift for the newest girl in the family. These designs are all from Simplicity #7145 "Story Book Trims" from the 1948 catalog shared by Martha at 'Q' is for Quilter
The chick was one of the first designs that I tried. I have refined my technique for stitching on knits and I love the worm on this one!

The kitty was another easy one, since there are very few color changes.

The bug face was a little tricky. I am glad that it came out okay. It is just about impossible to pick stitches out of the knit fabric! Next time, I will use a little darker color for the body.

I was all set to go to Colorado to see OM this weekend, but her cousin has decided to take the stage and will be among us in the next hours. So, since my weekend hostess has dashed off to Salt Lake City, I believe I will go there, too and see the newest of the new girls to join the family!

Now I just have to get her onsies finished!


Iron Needles said...

Looking forward to seeing you, just in a new state! I don't know that we have been in Utah together before...that we were old enough to remember anyway.

Lynne said...

Those are just too adorable and I LOVE how the bug's face came out! He really has an expression; good job!

Have a safe trip welcoming in the new member of the family!

Gaynell said...

I find it fascinating that you can get such expressive faces on such tiny critters!!
Have a safe journey!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

These are adorable! I will have to do some for V's grandbaby, coming in October. C

Allie said...

Those are SO sweet! I'd love to know how you manage to do such beautiful work on knits. Love the bug's face!

Tish said...

I wanna go too!

Martha said...

I would love to hear your tips on doing this embroidery on knits -- yours look so perfect.