Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flora and Fauna for Baby

Our new girl has arrived! Early, but hearty, she will go home with her mama, even though she was six weeks early! I have been trying to get all preparations done to leave from work to drive North to meet her!

I have one tiny shirt still to finish. I am going to try to do it during a conference call at work in the morning. I generally don't have to take notes or really pay close attention during these calls. Sometimes I file my nails, or sort through a festering pile of paperwork. Tomorrow, though, I am going to sneak this little shirt in my purse and try to finish the bird. Don't tell on me! I wouldn't do it, except in extreme situations!

I tried two new motifs for this group: the flower and the strawberries. The 'critters' are repeats.

The last time I did this little pooch, I didn't use color fast floss. I learned my lesson, so this guy should keep his fur intact!

The strawberries went very quickly! I think next time, I might try to add a little shading to the fruit to give a little more depth.

Not a great photo of the flower. It was another very fast and fun design.

When I look at the first shirts that I embroidered, I realize that I really have refined my technique. I think that I might try to do a little tutorial of things that I have found useful. These little shirts really are fun to do and are fun to give as gifts.

It will have to wait until things settle down a bit, though! I've got some girls to party with!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love seeing this and am inspired to get out some floss and needle.

I, too, multi-task when on conference calls (even with judges!). It drives my law partners crazy, but it actually helps me concentrate on what they are saying (my ADD, I guess)!

Waiting on pix of the babe. C

Gaynell said...

What a treat for the baby.(or babies???) I really enjoy those little motifs..the critters are my favorites.
Have a safe trip and party quietly...babies are sleeping. Love, WS

Anonymous said...

oh I love the strawberries!! Very cute. Im going to have to send you that paper with the birds on it!
Have a good weekend in Utah! Love you - k

Iron Needles said...

By the time you read this, maybe you will be here with me!

Allie said...

Woohoo - congrats! Those onesies are so cute, I especially love the strawberries! Good job multi-tasking, you can do it!