Thursday, August 27, 2009

If you give a girl a camera...

...she will need Photoshop!
This is a photo of my new camera, taking a photo of my new camera!

The Mister surprised me with it when I came home for lunch last Thursday. I was dashing around trying to get all the stuff I needed to leave directly for SLC the minute I got out of work. The Vegas niece and I planned to drive North to see the August babies.

He drew my attention to the kitchen table and there it was!

He had done all the researching and comparing prices, etc, and he went out and got it that morning so I would have it to take photos on my trip! I was very surprised and very pleased!

I prevailed upon Opal to model the onesies that I embroidered for her!
They seemed to put her to sleep! (I will take that to mean they are comfortable and relaxing!)
Also, they allow movement in all directions. Here, she is doing the waving Kansas wheat - ("Rock - Chalk - Jayhawk - Kay-You-oo")

We had a fabulous time and I took lots of photos. Not only on my camera, but the camera of whomever was baby holding at the time.

I do like my camera, though. I am looking forward to the weekend so that I can practice with it and read the book. Luckily, it is very similar to Dearest Sister's camera, (strictly a happy coincidence), so she was my 'cliff notes' tutorial on the trip.

I can't wait to see how well it photographs fabric, and quilts and close ups on embroidery! I think I might just dive straight into the Flikr pools!


Martha said...

What brand and model did you get? I'm curious. The photos of the baby girls turned out so well -- they're just darling.

Allie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh I want a new camera SO bad. I don't have photoshop either, but have been using a free program called Photoscape. It's wonderful!
Opal looks very comfy in her onesies - what a beautiful baby!!!

Lynne said...

I had to blow up your pic to see what kind of Canon it was and hey—that's MY camera! You'll love it! I hate reading manual of any kind and never get much out of the ones that come with camera except for the very basic stuff. The book I got when I got my XSi was:
The Canon EO Digital Rebel Xsi/450D COmpanion by Ben Long. It's really a good teaching tool!

Have fun!

Iron Needles said...

haha..Rock Chalk! Opal was wearing another onesie last night when I went for a bebe fix. She was mostly asleep and still beautiful!

I have decided that I don't care if your camera is the big sister of mine any more.


Gaynell said...

Isn't your Mister thoughtful? And the pictures are really great. So glad Opal likes the onesies. Love, WS.

jan said...

Martha, it is a Canon Rebel Xsi. Since the Mister did the research, I don't always remember what kind it is!

Lynne, thanks for the book referral, I think I need something like that to get me beyond using it to 'point and shoot'!

Allie, free programs rock! I don't think I will spend the money on editing software until I have developed 'beyond' the free ones. Might take awhile!

G - he is very thoughty!

B - my camera may be a bit 'more' by its user is not!