Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Embroidered Blocks

My quilting mojo has taken a dip, lately. The Mister and I took a weekend road trip to rural North East Kansas, last weekend, to attend a memorial for my BIL's dad who passed away last winter. It was in a very small burg (pop 650), but the town maintains a tiny RV park (4 spaces) so we took the camper and stayed three nights (why not when the rate is $10 a night!)

The service was very nice and we enjoyed visiting with DearSis and her guy. She brought me new slippers to swap for an estate sale dress form I found for her. I brought the fabric and embroidered blocks for our next quilt collaboration and we swapped some books to read.

There were a couple of small towns near-by that had antique stores so we explored those and hiked up a very tall overlook to see wagon train swales (wheel ruts) made by pioneers crossing the Big Blue River.

I gained an new appreciation of the hardships of westward expansion, 5 feed sacks and two aprons.

While we were away, I traced and stamped ten embroidery designs from Penguin & Fish for a travel project. They are so much fun to stitch, I have been working on them since we got home, as well.

The good news-they stitch up pretty quickly. The downside- I have another WIP...

'J' is for Jellyfish!


Leigh Anne said...

Yes it's another WIP but it's oh so cute!

jan said...

That is really cute! Have fun.

Renee said...

LOVE your jelly--he is adorable and beautiful! My quilting mojo is down too, maybe it is from the change of seasons? I just finished a big, intense project, so a little break, and lots of little projects, feels nice :-)