Monday, May 6, 2013


This week, I feel like I have been absent from my real life. Or, maybe real life has interrupted my self centered world of doing (mostly) what I please.

I made a quick trip West to help my cousin manage some of my aunt's affairs. I had not been to see her for several months and it was an overdue visit. I stayed at my cousin's farm and saw the new spring calves and the ones that were born since my visit last fall. He has been developing a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle over the last couple of years. I always
like to go with him to take them some treats. I pretend they are glad to see me, even though after they figure out I don't have any goodies in my pocket they lose interest in my conversation!

We accomplished a lot, although not all at needs to be done, so I will make another trip at the end of the month.

No stash update this week, but there was no change. It is very doubtful that I will have any change this week,either, as the only day available for sewing has a dentist visit scheduled. I may do a bit of shopping at guild, since we have a meeting sponsor, but maybe I will just buy thread! The Fat Quarter Shop had Mod Century by Jenn Ski 50% off, this week and it took every ounce of discipline not to order a bundle or jelly roll. It is a line that has appealed to me since I saw it, but I remind myself that there will be another!

At any rate, I have not done much of anything in the creative department, except for the embroideries that I started a couple of weeks ago. I finished three more and have a couple in progress. I have been thinking about how I want to use them when they are complete, but I have not settled on a plan. For now, I am just enjoying the feeling of accomplishment!

'G' is for Giraffe

'H' is for Hedgehog

'A' is for Alligator

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Gaynell said...

These little critters make me smile! I'd say that counts for creative effort!