Thursday, April 29, 2010

Redwork Color 'n Say

Speaking of colors, RED is my favorite, when it comes to embroidery. I began stitching these little squares as a 'car show' project a couple of weeks ago.
The designs are from a vintage coloring book, "Color 'n Say" published by Whitman in 1970. I reduced the images to 25% of the originals, and eliminated the name of each item (the 'say' part)
The white ground is flour sack fabric and measures 3.5" square.
I used one or two strands of DMC #815 red, which is a bit darker than what I usually think of for redwork. I picked the color to go with a vintage print from the stash, but when I pulled it out, I decided that it might not be 100% cotton. I went with this reproduction print, instead, and some 'rich red' Kona (still from the stash, though!)
All week, I have been thinking about how I wanted to put them together. I wanted to make this quilt a bit bigger, more of a baby quilt than a doll quilt. I still have four stitcheries to finish up, but I couldn't wait to see how it might look. I laid them out on the Kona and I think that I like the combination!

On Saturday, we will going to another car show and The Mister wants to be there by 6:30 am to get a good spot. So, I will be spending all day in the lawn chair. I should have plenty of time to finish stitching up the rest of the blocks.

In fact, I think I better round up another project to take. I wouldn't want to run out of 'fancy work' to keep me occupied!


Iron Needles said...

Love it. And good on you for pulling from the stash!

You know on my recent voyage, I took enough to finish 2 sweaters, one pair of socks and yarn for another.

Just in case...

Gaynell said...

I really like the combination! "Redwork" doesn't usually conjure up such interesting images.

Martha said...

What a cute little quilt this will be. I really like your redwork blocks, and the repro red fabric you selected is so cute. The red sashing just pulls it all together. It's so fun to see you putting together your own quilts.

Allie said...

oh my goodness those are so cute - love love love the tree - and I love the fabrics! I agree, take something else with you too - I hate running out of something to do!

marian said...

oh how gorgeous! i just love doing redwork stitcheries, using vintage designs.

btw the red sashing, finishes the quilt off beautifully :)

Roy said...

If I remember correctly, this looks a lot like Rangoon red? Yes, I do realize that I am "color challenged ". Really! It looks great. The. Images look familiar. Probably because Troy was small around that time.