Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bunnies and Chicks - Sort of...

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

The Mister and I went 'away' for the weekend. Not very far away, just camping at Lake Mohave, about 90 minutes from home. We went to Cottonwood Cove, which is about 30 miles below Hoover Dam. We had a very nice time, although The Mister didn't get to fish, as they do not allow fishing in the cove and it was too windy to hike out to the point.

So, we did a little exploring, played some dominoes and just hung out.

And I stitched up some of my favorite characters from the 1948 Simplicity "Storybook Trims"!

Thank you again, Martha! I have really enjoyed these designs!)

This time, I followed the photo as a guide to the colors, and I am loving the blue flower! I put a penny in the photo for scale.

I had not done this motif, before, due to the color changes. Since I was not putting this on a onesie, I decided that multiple knots would not be an issue.

I finished six designs, with six more still to complete. I couldn't wait until all the embroidery was complete to see how they would look in a little quilt.

I went back and forth, trying to decide what fabric to use. I finally settled on this piece of blue and white. I only had a 'fat eighth', so I wasn't sure that would be enough, but I even have a 2" x 9" strip left over!

I think the finished size of the quilt will be about 12" x 15". I plan to use white for the backing, probably a flour sack, since that is what I used for the stitcheries. I hope I can find something perfect for the binding, but I have some time, since I think that I will hand quilt this little project. Since it is small, I think it will be manageable, and certainly a portable project. I can't wait to see how it turns out!


Martha said...

I love it...and the blue sashing is wonderful. When I posted those motifs, I thought the same thing -- that they would make an adorable embroidered doll quilt. I'm so pleased that someone actually made one (and that it was you makes me especially happy). I hope you will upload pictures to my Flickr group: Embroidered Quilts

Gaynell said...

I am eager to see how it turns out as well! Until you mentioned the dimensions...I thought it looked like a regular size quilt..then I remembered the penny for scale! I like it!!

Allie said...

This is too darling! I love those little motifs. The blue fabric is perfect! So sorry your Mister didn't get to fish!

Kate said...

Oh, how pretty. Those little characters are just adorable!

Lynne said...

How adorable! You put me to shame, Jan, you really do. I haven't picked up any projects in soooo long. Your ambition amazes me!

Iron Needles said...

Glad you had a good time, and got some work done, too.

Love those cutie pie little motifs.

I was just thinking this weekend, wouldn't a little doll quilt be a fun project?

Martha said...

Wow -- I'm glad I came back here, because I left a comment earlier and I must have done something wrong.

Anyway -- I love your little quilt -- it's so adorable and the blue sashing is just perfect. When I first saw those patterns, I thought they would make a great embroidered doll quilt. I'm so pleased that someone is actually stitching one -- the fact that it's you makes me particularly happy.