Thursday, April 22, 2010

Desert Doxies

One of the errands last weekend, took The Mister and I to downtown Henderson. As it happened, it was Heritage Days in Henderson, complete with parade!

Although it is the third largest city in Nevada, not too long ago, Henderson was the 'country cousin' to Las Vegas. It was often referred to, disparagingly, as 'Hooterville' or 'Hendertucky' and it still retains some of that small town flavor (which The Mister and I love!)

The parade had elementary, middle and high school bands, politicians riding in open convertibles, floats pulled by pick-up trucks and my favorite: The Desert Doxies!

Led by this young man with two dogs in a shopping cart, the Doxie contingent was one of the largest groups in the parade and the only one with dogs!
This one had the best ride, though! Cause nothin' says fun like a wiener dog in a wiener-mobile!


Martha said...

Emily played drums in her high school marching band, so we attended plenty of small town parades. There were usually some dogs dressed up, but never just dachshunds -- they're so cute!

Gaynell said...

You were lucky to happen upon such a fun occasion. I love the "Doxies." Makes me remember Heidi!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love the Doxies! Reminds me of my "Fritz" who's been gone a long time!

Allie said...

How fun - gotta love a parade of doxies!

Kate said...

Oh, boy! Bad Dog needs a wiener mobile! I'd haul him all over town in that thing. :))

Iron Needles said...

Love it! Weenee puppees in weenee wagons.

You should see the lilacs here.

Un. Bee. lieveable!

And I think mine have probable been frosted in CO whilst I have been out gallivanting.