Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wedding Bits

A few highlights from the wedding event held here, two weeks ago.

First, Dearest Sister's Grandbebe girl proved, once again, that simple toys hold the most fascination.

Here she is playing with a gallon jug. She loved screwing the cap on and off, and the handle was the perfect size for her to hold. It has about 8 oz. of water in it, which was just enough to give it the appropriate 'heft'. I was proud I could offer her such a delightful toy...

This is the wedding cake.

A whimsical conglomeration of Hostess snack cakes, dipped in white chocolate, and garnished with grated dark chocolate. It was created by a sister of the bride and was a quick, easy and fun take on the traditional. It did have the benefit of several toothpicks, as architectural support. Some people called them cake bones...

The wedding was at the Shalimar Chapel.

At the Shalimar, the bride and groom stand about 10 feet in front of the officiant, for the benefit of the video camera, which was above the mirrored heart picture. (Loved ones who were not in attendance could watch it live over the internet.) It was a very nice ceremony. Very brief, but nice. We all headed back to my house afterwards for supper and more visiting. Not everyone from the two sides of the 'new' family had met, so it was nice to have the opportunity.

Even though the wedding was a bit of a surprise, without a lot of notice, it turned out that lots of family could come. I don't think the Shalimar chapel usually has a capacity crowd, but we filled it up.

It was really nice to have an unexpected occasion for a family reunion!


Lynne said...

What a great—and FUN—idea for a wedding cake!

Glad it was a great family get-together. You've had quite the time over the past two weeks.

Love her dress!!!

Gaynell said...

Everyone caught a different part of the festivities. Aren't we lucky to have so many with photo skilz?

Iron Needles said...

I was just wondering how the photos of the cake turned out. I am glad we are posting about different parts of our recent adventures. I am reliving them, and that is nice.

Allie said...

I LOVE the wedding cake! Looks like a lovely ceremony - congrats to the newly marrieds!

Martha said...

I love the idea of a spontaneous wedding, and the cake is awesome. It must be great to be part of such a fun family!