Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tiny Inspirations!

This weekend, I attended the Desert Quilters of Nevada 20th Quilt Show. The show was called "New Beginnings" and there were over 250 gorgeous quilts entered.

There were all variety of quilts for walls, beds, dolls and for wearing, but the ones that charmed me were the miniatures.

There were many small quilts entered and 24 mini quilts were auctioned. These are some of the auction entries:

Christmas Stitches by Marjorie Stanbridge

This small Christmas quilt was entered in the show, but the quilter who made it, made another for the auction. It measures 9" x 10".

Neon Showers by Georgi Shalhoob

This one was a bit bigger, about 10" x 12", I believe. It has over 900 beads sewn into the green spots.

Cottage Fans by Karen Bristow

This one was so charming, I almost bought the pattern from one of the vendors. But then I remembered all the charming patterns I already own, and refrained... I think this one was about 12" x 14".

Victorian Bluework by Karen Bristow

This one was saved for the end of the auction. I didn't stay to see how much it went for, because I didn't have a sweater and I was getting really cold. But there was a lot of buzz about it during the preview, so I know that it probably went pretty high. It was really lovely, bigger than the others at about 12" x 14". The embroidery was exquisite, the detail was perfect, as most of it was stitched with one strand of blue floss.

I was really inspired by seeing all of the wonderful quilts. Not all of them were to my taste, color wise, but all were interesting.

I joined the guild at the show and I think I might try to join one of the circles. All but one of the fourteen circles meet during the day, on week days, so I am guessing that many are probably retired ladies, but one circle meets in the evening and it is not too far from me, so I think that I will see what they do.

Who knows, maybe next year I will have finished a quilt that I can enter!


Make Do & Mend said...

I would say definately join a quilting circle. They are a bit thin on the ground over here in the UK, but my group ( who are not quilters but knitters and sewers) are a great and most of all a lot of fun!

Allie said...

Those are just lovely - especially love the bluework one! I hope you really enjoy the guild, we don't seem to have any openings around here.

Lynne said...

The one with all the tiny green beads is amazing! Imagine sewing them all on! The bluework is my favorite. I can feel my embroidery fingers itching to start a new project! They must be small squares!

Martha said...

All of those tiny quilts are so cute, but I love, love, love the embroidered bluework quilt. I've been meaning to make an embroidered doll quilt, and this one is just so inspiring.

Iron Needles said...

I think the blue is my favorite. Maybe our next one should be blue. Oh. I guess I should finish the one in progress now...