Thursday, March 11, 2010


I think I have turned the corner on feeling punk. I have managed to stay up later than 7:30, this evening, so that is great progress! Sleep is very restorative, but it takes up a lot of time when you do it 12 hours a day!

I have still not unpacked my carry on, or taken the photos out of the camera, but I am looking forward to doing it, so that is progress, too. Our weekend plans for a short road trip were cancelled at the last minute, so I hope to have time (and energy) this weekend to do a bit more than eat and sleep. Maybe even check some things off the list. (There is always a list...)

I brought home way too many bulbs from the Philadelphia Flower Show. I had to leave a sweater and a pair of shoes behind with our hostess to make room for them in my bag. (They were winter shoes and my heaviest sweater and we are past that point in our desert winter, so I needed the bulbs more than the clothes.) I have two different amaryllis, three hyacinths and about a dozen paper whites for growing in the kitchen. It is a good thing I don't use that counter space for cooking!

Spring is bursting out, here. Some of the flowering trees are done with the flowering and are on with the leafing out. My iris are looking like they are just a couple of weeks away from blooming and daylight savings time is almost upon us.

Spending a week in the Eastern time zone, plus my recovery sleeping habits this week may turn out to be just the thing for easing into the time change. I hope so, because I am really looking forward to some longer evenings. Living on the far Eastern edge of the time zone, means early sunrise, but early sunset. Even on the longest days in the summer, the sun is down by 8:30.

Next week, I hope to have the sunlight and the energy to walk the 'long way' home from work! Here I go, dreaming big!


Martha said...

Glad to hear from you again -- and also that you are feeling a bit better. I would pick bulbs over clothes any day.

Lynne said...

Glad you're on the mend! Can't wait to see flower pics from the show! How fun! You'd never get me out of there! I really need to plan to go next year. Our town has a bus trip, I just need to sign up.

Our snow is melting so maybe spring has decided to come here too. You are way ahead of us; my iris are still wearing a blanket of snow but I do have an amaryllis about to bloom inside ...

Iron Needles said...

Hey! Was I suppose to get one of those amaryllis?

Allie said...

I'm glad to hear you're on the mend! No fun being sick, for sure. I'm jealous of your spring, lol!

I hate daylight savings - any time change seems to really throw me, anymore. Although I do love the long summer nights. It will stay light here [in summer] til almost 10pm.