Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Learning!

On Saturday, after the quilt show, I stopped by the lqs to take advantage of the 'show specials'. They were offering a free spool of thread with a $5 purchase. How could I pass up free thread?

I also signed up for a paper piecing class! Tuesday evening, I took my big bag 'o quilting supplies and spent a couple of hours learning the art of paper piecing.

These are the two blocks that I made. (The fabric came in a kit as part of the class fees.) We made one block with regular paper and the other with vellum.

The block is not a very complex one, so easy to learn. I am not sure it will be a favorite, but a good technique to have in the bag of tricks, I suppose.

Since the fabrics are quite different, I will have to think of something to use these blocks individually, I suppose.

Maybe everyone will get hot pan holders for Christmas this year!


Iron Needles said...

Pot holders are good. New tools in bags of tricks are good. Learning is very good!

Good on you!

M said...

Those are very cute blocks, and you did a nice job on them. I agree -- potholders are good. I gave everyone potholders for Christmas when I was learning to crochet.

The whole process of paper piecing seems counter-intuitive to me -- I use it occasionally, but, whenever possible, I'd rather stitch small or complex patterns by hand.

Gaynell said...

I like the idea of potholders! The ones made on the "loop loom" by my kiddos are beginning to show their age (about 20 years, I think!)

Allie said...

Those are so cute! I love the idea of potholders. A friend tried to teach me paper-piecing - I'm going to stick to applique, lol.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes, pot holders are good. As for learning, I'm for it! C