Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's iris delight!

This iris has always been labeled "Celebration Song or Pastel Ribbons" in my garden.

I knew it was one or the other but I have never really looked it up to confirm.

Today, I decided to see if there were any photos in "Dave's Plant Files" that would end the question. I looked up Celebration Song first and it seems to be a good match. There were many photos that looked like this one.

So then I looked up Pastel Ribbons and there was one photo that also looked a lot like this one!

I really think it is Celebration Song so that will be the fresh label. I should say 'labels'. It turns out that three of my 16 iris are the same cultivar! Maybe I will need to share this one to make room for more varieties....Anyone think they might have room for a pretty little iris to plant next fall?


Lynne said...

It might really be "Celebration Song" but it looks like the name "Pastel Ribbons". Lovely, just lovely.

I had to laugh at your mom making a map/chart of which iris were planted where. I did the same thing with Becky's iris that she sent me. So nice. So neat. So informative. That is until Bella decided to rearrange them. I just stuck them back in the ground wherever I could find room. When they bloom I'll have to try and figure it out.

Can you believe I checked on them yesterday and with the rain we've had one actually rotted to mush? So disappointed!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your early (at least earlier than Kansas) blooms. Thanks for sharing. Makes me think of Mom. Love, WS

Iron Needles said...


Martha said...

Another beauty and I am so jealous -- Growing iris in the Pacific NW is a challenge even for a good gardener (which I am not). Maybe I'll just make an iris quilt instead.

Anonymous said...

i can always find room for family iris!!! - K