Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That Zany Tanzanian Tangerine!

Last November, I moved my poor neglected iris "box-gardens" from the side of the house to the front. (You can read about that process here.)

Today, the first bloom opened!

It is a variety named Tanzanian Tangerine and it is one of my favorites. It is a little tricky to photograph, because it is hard to capture the true color. It is one of the unique color patterns from hybridizer Brad Kasparek of Zebra Gardens in Utah.

In my Kansas garden, I would never have dreamed of having first year bloom on plants that were moved in November. In fact, I would have been skeptical of the plant's survival!

Here, though, I have seven out of eight plants in one bed with bloom stalks, and in the other bed, one stalk and lots of 'fat fans' that indicate a stalk down in the foliage. (The second bed gets a bit of shade from the palm trees, which explains the delay)

One of the plants with a big fat bud, is a variety that is new to me, purchased at the local iris society plant sale two years ago. I can't wait to see what it looks like 'in person'!

The wind is howling, so I hope I don't regret leaving the stalks in the garden. I just really enjoy sharing my iris with the rest of the world!


Anonymous said...

how might one request a piece of that fine iris for her own garden!??! That one is so pretty! - K

Anonymous said...

Ah, the joy of early blooms in the desert! Thanks for sharing! Love, WS

Iron Needles said...

Silly anonymous girl...she should ask her mother!

Haha...iris shaded by palm trees!

I have fat fans, too...on my tee-tiny iris!

Martha said...

I'm no gardener, but I can recognize a good iris when I see one -- and this one is lovely.

Lynne said...

What a beautiful bloom! My iris are adding on to their fans at this point (the ones from your sis) but I don't know if they will bloom. Maybe Bella's intervention was too much stimulation for them. They are at least growing!

Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.